Who we are

We are a company with roots and work culture originating in the upper Val Seriana, in the Bergamo area.
About us


Tecme S.r.l. was born and based on the proven experience acquired by Fondamenta s.r.l. counting on three generations of know-how in underground works, rock drilling and consolidations both underground and on the surface.

Tecme s.r.l. the first objective is the complete satisfaction of the customer and the related Ethical code


Tecme S.r.l. holds SOA certification in OG4 IV BIS level and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualification

The team

Federico Re


Code of Ethics​

Tecme S.r.l. operates in compliance with the principles of transparency, legitimacy and integrity. It is a moral duty of all those who work for the Company to adopt behaviors in line with the principles expressed. Ethical values are the foundation of corporate culture and represent the guidelines for daily behavior inside and outside the company. Tecme S.r.l. undertakes to spread the corporate values and principles through this Code of Ethics to all employees of the company and to all third-party collaborators (suppliers, contractors, collaborators and customers).
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Quick contact information